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The Apple TV hasn't exactly set the world of gaming on fire, but with the recent release of Transistor to the platform, I'm officially more interested in it than ever. Like 1% interested, but still. This version of the game has been designed to be played with the Siri remote and is a universal purchase with other iOS versions of the game. So if you already own it for your iPhone or iPad, you'll get this version for free (saved game data will even carry over between devices). Frankly, I think Transistor was a gem of a game and would encourage people to play it anyway they can.

More important than any of that though, the Apple TV release was accompanied by a new bonus track from the soundtrack! More than a year since its original release, I'm still listening to Transistor's soundtrack on a regular basis. Its one of my favorite albums to put on for long drives or when I just want to relax, so I'll welcome more of it with open arms.

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