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Supergiant Games' sophomore release, Transistor, has sold over 600,000 copies between PlayStation Network and Steam, according to Supergiant's Greg Kasavin.

"We were very happy to see Transistor selling even faster relative to Bastion during the first couple of months after its launch," wrote Kasavin via Supergiant's blog.

Speaking with Destructoid prior to Transistor's release, Kasavin discussed the privileged position the team found itself in after Bastion sold over two million copies. "Very few studios, big or small, have a chance to do [make their own IP] so it's just like, you wanna keep that going."

Kasavin also detailed the accolades Transistor received over the course of 2014, including Destructoid's own award for excellence in narrative design. Hooray!

Transistor Earns 70+ Industry Accolades, Sells More Than 600k Copies [Supergiant]

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