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Towerfall Ascension
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Towerfall Ascension

TowerFall Ascension is such a treat for local arena game fans. It's even better with the Dark World expansion, which is worth getting for the fantastic new co-op levels alone.

Both are about to arrive on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV (anyone else recently buy one for $20?). TowerFall Ascension ($14.99) and Dark World ($9.99) will hit Vita on Tuesday, December 15. If you own them on PS4, you won't have to pay again. There's Cross-Buy.

Multiplayer is handled via ad hoc wireless, so make plans to invite your PS Vita-owning buddies over. Existing players with TowerFall save data on PS4 may want to hold off for the time being -- there isn't support for cross-platform saves yet, but that's coming in a patch "shortly."

There aren't plans for a PlayStation 3 port, according to designer Matt Thorson, but if you're desperate for something to play on that system, you've got Yakuza.

TowerFall Ascension Launches on PS Vita December 15th [PlayStation Blog]

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