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Tomodachi Life  

Reviewed: 9/10: Superb
( 3ds version reviewed )

Updated 12-22-2014
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Tomodachi Life

While reading through Darren's personal picks for game of the year, I realized something troubling: I haven't played Tomodachi Life in, oh my god, months. Literal months.

And it's not like the signs weren't there. I had, as I've since discovered, nine system notifications prompting me to check in on my people, each and every one of them unread. Monstrous. How could I have so blatantly ignored the fine citizens of Bomination Island?

I was hesitant to tap the 3DS' lower screen -- to begin the healing process -- but I needed to see how my Miis had gotten along without my guidance. Immediately, a news flash appeared.

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