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Tokyo Jungle
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Tokyo Jungle

Based on some recent tweets by Sony producer Masaaki Yamagiwa, there may be some interest in making a new Tokyo Jungle. Yamagiwa had a meeting with Crispy's president Yohei Kataoka, developer of the original game.

Roughly translated, Yamagiwa says, “We had a meeting about Tokyo Jungle after a long time. I'm with Tokyo Jungle's main members, director Kataoka and Sugano. We want to make something."

I would be thrilled to see a sequel to Tokyo Jungle! The original was an arcade-style survival game where you could play as a wide variety of animals fighting for food in post-apocalyptic Tokyo. Playable animals included everything from pomeranians, lions, chickens, ostriches, elephants, and even dinosaurs. It wasn't perfect, but it was absolutely relevant to my interests, and became one of my favorite PSN titles based on premise alone.

If they do end up making a sequel, I hope they balance out the late-game difficulty. After surviving for 100 years, it seemed near impossible to keep going due to a certain powerful enemy that starts showing up in hordes. And of course, more animals would also be fantastic. I vote for llamas.

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