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Remember that Japanese Tetris video, where contestants have to contort their bodies to safely pass though gaps on fast-approaching walls? Well, this upcoming WiiWare game by Nintendo and KeysFactory looks a lot like that.

Surinuke Anatousu, which means "going through holes," has you flipping an assortment of shapes (called "katamari," I kid you not) in 3D space and squeezing through holes to reach the end of each level before time expires. You can perform tricks by drawing silhouettes with your pieces to fill in an entire hole or earn bonus points by picking up gems along the way. It's nuts, it's lovely, and it looks hella fun.

The game drops on September 7th for 800 Points in Japan, but I'm sure it'll pop up in the West sooner or later.

Nintendo's New 3D Puzzler [Andriasang]

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