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The World's Biggest Pac-Man
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The World's Biggest Pac-Man

Wanna wind down before hitting the sack this evening? Play The World's Biggest Pac-Man.

Built by web design crew Soap Creative to showcase the capabilities of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9, The World's Biggest Pac-Man is exactly what it sounds like -- a massive game board that could take years for any one person to complete. It never stops growing, though, as user's are free to create their own rooms and add them to the board.

You can choose to start in any room you wish, and you are allowed to move to a new room even if you haven't completed the current one. Some maps are simple, some are insidious, and some are downright impossible (nature of the user-generated content beast). Tallies are kept of the number of pellets and ghosts you've eaten, rooms you've cleared, and so on at the personal, regional, and global levels.

Now go waste some time.

[Thanks, Kristina!]

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