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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  

Updated 01-28-2015
Xbox One
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I've always been fascinated with permadeath options in games. Witcher 3 might have a doozy.

Witcher 3 senior game designer Damien Monnier and level designer Miles Tost recently streamed the game on Twitch and hosted a little Q&A afterwards, which Game Informer transcribed.

CD Projekt RED is still working on the possible "Insanity" difficulty, and is considering ideas like the game automatically deleting your save data upon death. 

There are some other tidbits. You can still play the game and roam around the world after beating the game. Your choices from past Witcher games will be recounted towards the beginning and you can amend them how you like (if you're changing platforms). And you can meditate anywhere you start a fire, but not at a fire in a stranger's home. How respectful.

CD Projekt RED Answers Fans’ Burning Witcher 3 Questions [Game Informer]

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