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The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead

After years of being absent on Wii U, Telltale might be bringing its acclaimed Walking Dead adventure series to the platform. GAME has listed a new boxed release up for pre-order, priced at £29.99 with a launch date of October 30 -- spooky!

Since the series is out on literally everything else, it makes perfect sense. Also, the sixth season of the TV show is premiering on October 11 (and spinoff Fear the Walking Dead will be running concurrently, starting in August), so it seems like the right time to advertise for the impending Wii U edition.

I've given up on the TV show for a long time now, but still watch it for cheese factor, the interesting twists they have once in an entire season after nothing happens for weeks on end, and because a number of my friends like it. I'm much more interested in the spinoff -- Kim Dickens is great. Also, young Voldemort is in it.

Walking Dead Combo Pack [GAME via Eurogamer]

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