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The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead

The most recent update to iOS devices, iOS 9, has apparently caused a bunch of technical problems with the iOS ports of Telltale games. From unexpected crashes to missing audio files, a lot of Telltale's games have suddenly stopped working properly on iOS 9 devices.

As a response to this, a bunch of Telltale games have just been pulled from the iOS store including The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Jurassic Park, and Back To The Future.

Those who purchased the games already and have them installed on their device are unaffected. Those who purchased the games and do not have them installed should still be able to download them from their purchase history. Those who have not previously purchased the games will not be able to do so until the issue is resolved.

For those wondering, no word was given on how long these titles would be missing from the iOS store. 

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