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The Walking Dead: Starved For Help
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The Walking Dead: Starved For Help

At the heart of episodic Walking Dead video game lies a unique experience tailored to the many ambiguous moral choices that can be made by the player throughout the progression of the story. In this new trailer (beware the spoilers!), Telltale Games takes a look at the statistics surrounding some of the decisions in The Walking Dead: Starved For Help, revealing a perhaps surprising trend: even in the face of a fictional zombie apocalypse, most gamers still tried to do the right thing. Telltale Games senior director of marketing Richard Iggo tells VentureBeat:

“Some of the stats we’ve seen coming back from player decisions have created a perception that even in dire times – and when faced with no-win situations where each decision is morally grey – the majority of people will try to do the ‘right’ thing if they can, even if there’s really no ‘right’ decision to be made...It’s fascinating because even when we offer players a decision where the apparently darker option might make sense from a purely logical point of view, they’ll often try to choose the ‘higher’ ground at personal cost even if that means being put in danger or having a relationship with another character suffer because of it.”

I too find that fascinating; I guess I'd always just assumed that without any real life consequences, players would be unafraid to indulge in decisions that only provided benefit to themselves. What choices did you make? Were they mostly good, bad, or somewhere inbetween?

Telltale Games: The majority of The Walking Dead players try to do the right thing [VentureBeat]

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