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The Last of Us  

Reviewed: 10/10: Flawless
( ps3 version reviewed )

Updated 10-25-2014
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The Last of Us

Just like every other game these days, The Last of Us is getting a Game of the Year edition. However, unlike some other games, Naughty Dog's latest probably deserves one, Sony argues.

"With over 250 Game of the Year Awards*, and countless other industry accolades under its belt including five BAFTAs, there really are few games that deserve the title as much as The Last of Us," SCEE Product Manager Alex Moyet wrote over at PlayStation Blog Europe.

Game of the Year Editions are still just marketing ploys, one more way to make investors gleefully clap hands together like vintage cymbal-banging monkey toys. But, sure, if any game deserves the treatment, The Last of Us definitely qualifies. It's not like Sony is pulling a Deep Silver and wrapping up a turd like Dead Island in golden tinfoil and trying to pass it off as something special because one person on the Internet said it was fun.

As for what's included in the package, it's basically The Last of Us: Remastered on PS4, except neither remastered nor on PS4. You'll have access all that wonderful DLC, including Left Behind and some extra multiplayer maps, right out of the gate. You know, the usual stuff.

It will release across Europe on November 11 for €39.99.

*Including Destructoid's 2013 Game of the Year Award.

The Last of Us Game of the Year Edition hits PS3 next month [PlayStation Blog Europe]

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