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The Forest
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The Forest

The Forest is a game where you’ll wear armour made out of lizards you’ve beaten to death while friendly cannibals leave piles of dead rabbits in your camp because they think you might be hungry. It’s been in Early Access for quite a while now, and developer Endnight Games has released the patch notes for its huge update to the game.

The biggest addition is that the playable map has been made bigger, with new areas added. There’s also the first attempt at full gamepad support for those who don’t like keyboard and mouse too much.

On top of that, the enemies now have a sleep cycle just like the player – some will go for little snooze in the day in their villages and huts while others patrol the area. It’s kind of adorable until you realise they want to eat your kidneys… then it’s actually still pretty cute. Widdle sweepy cannibals.

The Forest is shaping up to be something pretty cool. You can peruse the full patch notes on the website, as it’s simply too big of an update to list here in full.

We don’t know when it’ll leave Early Access, but it will also be hitting PlayStation 4 at some point as well.

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