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The Evil Within
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The Evil Within

The Evil Within had a letterboxed aesthetic that didn't fly with everyone. It added to the cinematic presentation, but some people couldn't stand it. Coming up on a year after release, Tango Gameworks is just now making stylistic sacrifice for that crowd.

The latest title update for The Evil Within allows for the option to turn the black bars off and play with a "full screen" effect. Bethesda's blog contains a post that details the patch. Also included in the update is a rebalanced casual mode that's said to be more forgiving.

All players will be presented with these new options, as the update is live on all platforms. Now you may be able to finally see what evil's awaiting at the top of those ladders. Just make sure to pay attention to your peripherals now that the aspect ratio's a little less elongated.

The Evil Within - Full Screen Title Update [BethBlog]

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