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The Evil Within  

Updated 09-17-2014
Xbox One
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The Evil Within

We're marching ever closer to the release of The Evil Within, which is headed to a retailer near you October 14. Bethesda's latest horror IP is shown off in the latest trailer here, straight out of TGS 2014. If you've been trying hard to avoid spoilers and other pertinent information surrounding the game, it may be best not to look.

The trailer depicts protagonist staggering down a hallway before it devolves into a montage of the many nasty things that will happen in the game. I'm torn. Early reports make The Evil Within sound as though it could be a slog, but trailers like this intrigue me. Who am I kidding? I'm still going to play it, even if it could be disappointing. Horror's kind of my thing.

Is anyone else excited for Shinji Mikami's polarizing horror release?

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