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The Elder Scrolls Online
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The Elder Scrolls Online

Update: Interestingly enough GMG is limiting copies of ESO to 1 per customer.

Remember that $12 ESO deal from 9 days ago? We sure do -- the game actually went "out of stock" halfway through the sale last week. (Yep, digital products can go out of stock when they're on discount, apparently.)

If you missed out the first time, you get a second chance now as ESO: Tamriel Unlimited Standard Edition returns for $12. Also available is its higher-priced, unashamed bigger brother Imperial Edition for $21.76. Accompanying them are over 1,400 other games making a return for the "encore" phase of GMG's Summer Sale.

This means Skyrim Legendary and Metro Redux bundle are both $8 again, plus the recently released Wolfenstein: The Old Blood falls to only $4. It's like Black Friday in July! (Or, you know, that other PC game Summer Sale from last month...)

Here are the 19 most popular games from the past 11 days, according to GMG:

Use code: DEALZO-NGMGSA-LESVVC at checkout.

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