The Elder Scolls V: Skyrim

Updated 03-03-2015
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The Elder Scolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda will be removing the 100MB file size limitation from Steam Workshop mods in an upcoming patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Finally, all those gorgeous gigantic textures can be installed from Steam itself, instead of from a third-party application. Fans of Nexus Mod Manager need not fear though. In the comments of the blog Bethesda stated that the new patch shouldn't interfere with the popular solution for installing and updating mods.

The Creation Kit will also be receiving an update to support unlimited sized mods. The way the new system will work is that the Skyrim launcher will not longer download mods from the Steam Workshop. Steam itself will download and place the mods in the correct location and the Skyrim launcher will update the .esm load order after the download is complete.

Bethesda has not yet released a solid release date for general release of the patch. However, it's currently in beta testing and if you follow the instructions on the source post, you can check it out yourself now.

Skyrim Workshop file limit is now… limitless [Bethesda Blog]

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