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The Binding of Isaac
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The Binding of Isaac

A free update for the original Binding of Isaac has been released today for anyone who has the Wrath of the Lamb expansion. The new Eternal Edition will let you relive all of the glory of the original game's choppy flash based engine with a new hard mode, fresh (and frustrating) bosses, and a number of bug fixes and minor tweaks. The full list of hard mode changes can be found on this Reddit thread, and they look nasty. This is definitely an update for seasoned Isaac pros looking for a challenge (looking at you Corduroy Turtle).

In these dark days of iterative sequels and DLC packs, it's refreshing to see a five year old game receive a fresh content drop for free. Given how much of an improvement Rebirth is over the original, I can't see myself spending too much time with the update, but I appreciate the effort all the same. You can check out some of the new craziness below.

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