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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth  

Reviewed: 10/10: Flawless
( pc version reviewed )

Updated 11-25-2014
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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

As a fan of The Binding of Isaac, I had lofty expectations for Rebirth and it more than delivered. Problem is, I don't have enough time to play it (and make any real headway). And now there's more content on the way. Like the first game, there will be an expansion for Rebirth.

"Once the holidays end, the Nicalis gang will be jumping back into the abyss and digging into the very large design doc I have ready for em," said designer Edmund McMillen. "I hope to add a very huge chunk of gameplay in the form of a new game mode that will almost double the amount of things you can do. I'm very proud of this new design."

You can also expect "a ton more enemies, bosses, new areas, endings, and a new playable character as well as a slew of new unique items to play with." McMillen will be soliciting ideas from the community; this week, he's asking for item suggestions on the Binding of Isaac subreddit.

Should be good. In his review of Rebirth for Destructoid, Nic wrote that "it improves upon the original, a fantastic game in its own right, in every conceivable way." Join us.

After Birth [Binding of Isaac]

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