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The Banner Saga  

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( pc version reviewed )

Updated 01-13-2015
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The Banner Saga

Austin Wintory -- the Grammy-nominated composer behind Journey, Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, and The Banner Saga, among others -- has been fined by the American Federation of Musicians for "violating union rules," Variety reports.

Wintory allegedly recorded the soundtrack for The Banner Saga under non-union auspices, meaning the score was produced without the approval of the union. The AFM's international executive board found Wintory guilty, fining him $2,500. If Wintory does not pay, he will be expelled from the union.

According to Variety, Wintory plans to ignore the AFM's demands, instead donating $2,500 to the Education Through Music charity, "where the money can be used toward building on dreams instead of destroying them."

The American Federation of Musicians is over 100 years old, having existed in some form since 1896. It is currently the "the largest organization in the world representing the interests of professional musicians," according to the AFM's official website.

We've reached out to the AFM for comment and will update this story as necessary.

American Federation of Musicians Threatens to Expel Grammy-Nominated Video Game Composer (EXCLUSIVE) [Variety]

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