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Tekken 3D Prime Edition
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Tekken 3D Prime Edition includes free movie on cartridge

Dec 22
Namco Bandai wants you to know that the King of Iron Fist Tournament will make its 3D debut on Valentine's Day of next year. You can sit at home, lonely, eating a box of chocolates while you try out the game's 40 charact...

TGS: Hands-on with Tekken 3D Prime Edition for 3DS

Sep 14
Tekken! It's coming to the 3DS as well and holy crap it looks gorgeous, even in 3D! All the action on the top screen for Tekken 3D Prime Edition is done in 60 frames per second so the action looks very fluid and crisp. A...

Tekken 3DS comes with Tekken Blood Vengeance film in 3D

Aug 17
Releasing a fighter on the Nintendo 3DS is definitely in vogue, so you can't blame Namco for jumping on the bandwagon. At the very least, its fighter Tekken 3D Prime Edition has a cool name. Oh, and it looks pretty good in a...

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