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Team Fortress 2  

Updated 03-13-2015
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Team Fortress 2

Are you a taunter?

I'm not. Okay, well, I try not to be. But then developers go and design achievements around taunting X amount of times, and it'd be rude not to oblige them probably. Or there's some jerk in Awesomenauts who won't stop spamming the taunt button even though he's the worst player on either team, so I'm left with no choice but to hunt him down as retaliation. You know, the usual.

But in a game like Team Fortress 2, I don't at all mind being taunted. The goofy animations are entertaining, and it's extra satisfying to take down an opponent while they're stuck dancing. Expect to see new dance crazes hit the scene soon: Valve has opened the game's Steam Workshop for user-created taunt submissions (and they're now no longer marked as "beta").

Knowing how talented the Workshop community is, TF2's about to get weird. Err, weirder.

Announcing the Taunt Workshop [Team Fortress]

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