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Tales from the Borderlands
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Tales from the Borderlands

The Last of Us voice actor Ashley Johnson is joining the cast for Tales from the Borderlands.

Johnson's involvement -- confirmed by Telltale's Laura Perusco and Job Stauffer on Twitter -- is said to concern a "very core character" in the third instalment of the episodic game.

"Confirmed. BAFTA winning actress [Ashley Johnson] has joined the cast of Tales from the Borderlands!" tweeted Perusco. "Spoiler Alert: She's amazing. Show, stolen!"

In a follow-up tweet, PR director Stauffer added that "without giving anything away, just know that she plays a *very* core character. Ep 3 is bananas!"

We've been loving the series so far, and in our review said that "its consistently funny writing and duo of unreliable narrator protagonists set the stage for a great overarching story, and it feels very much like it belongs in the Borderlands franchise. If the rest of the season maintains this level of quality, Tales from the Borderlands will be up there in history with the other great recent Telltale adventures."

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