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Aaah Tera. The little free-to-play MMO that featured action-based combat and some really rad non-human playable races (and some pathetic pieces of nipple-covering string for women’s armour). It’s been sat on Steam’s coming soon list for literally years, and now the wait is finally over for all three of you who still play it. En Masse Entertainment has finally launched the game on Steam.

To coincide with this release, there is a new update to the game bringing a new class: the Gunner. The Gunner is a fast, ranged DPS class that encourages players to use more “run and gun tactics”.  It seems like it would be a nice addition considering the game forgoes the traditional hotkey-based combat in MMOs.

Either way, does anyone still even play Tera? Hopefully this will be able to bring people back to it?

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