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Super Mario 3D  

Updated 07-05-2011
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Super Mario 3D

The return of the Tanooki suit has been a big talking point for Super Mario 3DS, but Nintendo has revealed that it won't be the only famous costume to make a return. Mario will get to dress in a few other togs from yesteryear, although we don't yet know which ones.

"I can't reveal the actual number of power-ups in the game right now, but suffice to say that we do try to include enough so that people can enjoy a variety of different kinds of play experiences in the title," said director Yoshiaki Koizumi. "Also, I should point out that we don't necessarily decide on what number of famous Mario suits will appear in the game and proceed from there -- we try to find interesting gameplay ideas and then try to settle on what to do in different places.

"But I can say that we will definitely have some more familiar suits than just the Tanooki suit."

Hot! I am going to state for the record that I want the frog suit back. That shit was just stupidly adorable. Anything you'd like to see return?

Super Mario 3DS to feature more familiar suits [ONM]

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