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Suikoden II  

Updated 12-09-2014
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Suikoden II

Suikoden II, one of the best RPGs ever, makes its PlayStation Network debut today.

Somewhere out there, sullen eBay sharks are shouting at the heavens right about now. Dreams of financing their children's college funds with that old used copy of Suikoden II are dying faster than mayflies. You know, the bugs that only live for a day.

Once upon a time, Suikoden II could have netted them buckets of doubloons. Those Internet profiteers, with their extensive knowledge of supply and demand curves, kenned Konami only printed so many of the damn things, and weaponized that insight for Internet profiteering. And they would have kept doing it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids.

The people called for aid, and Konami have answered. After years of listening to fans plead for a re-release, the benevolent publisher has finally decided it wants your money. Starting today, you'll be able to download Suikoden II to your PS3, PSP and Vita for a mere $10. Not bad, not bad...

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