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Steel Battallion: Heavy Armor
/ xbox360


Steel Battallion: Heavy Armor

Capcom's Steel Battallion: Heavy Armor will require the use of Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360, sure. But you'll also have to use your standard Xbox 360 controller, the publisher has confirmed. 

A fact sheet for the game explains that many of the title's basic mech movements are done with physical buttons; VT movement, aiming, and firing of main guns are all done with a traditional controller. Other functions are done with "upper body gestures," including starting the engine, operating scopes, and even manning mounted machine guns. Other weirdo interaction includes using Kinect to calm your crew down, and issuing them high fives after completing a mission. (No, I'm not kidding.)

The game is out in 2012, and this trailer doesn't tell us much about the gameplay, but boy is it dramatic. What do you think of a controller/Kinect experience, like this? Is that more attractive than a full body, controller-less experience?

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