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Review: Starvoid

Aug 28
The problem with being a wee bit lazy is that tasks mount up like an ever-increasing pile of responsibility; the result is that I frequently find myself rather busy. The long-term investment required to get the most out of th...

Preview: Starvoid

Aug 08
Resource wars always strike me as a bit silly. People have so many differences that we don't have time to be squabbling over energy or minerals. We should be wiping out vegetarians or people that wear the wrong type of hat. I...

E3: Starvoid compacts RTS games into 15-minute chunks

Jun 09
After making some of the most complex, elaborate strategy games in recent memory, publisher Paradox Interactive is quickly shifting its gears, putting out simplified, colorful takes on familiar genres. With games like Zeal’s upcoming Starvoid, it’s hard to argue against this change.

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