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New screens and video for Starhawk look sci-fi western-y

Jul 22
Above you'll find a newly released video for the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive third-person shooter Starhawk, which is taken directly from the single player, a mode lacking from 2007's Warhawk. LightBox Interactive hired ...

Dev diary: LightBox talks crafting the Starhawk universe

Jul 15
Starhawk appears to be shaping up nicely. Today, we're given a behind-the-scenes look at development around the LightBox Interactive offices. This video primarily focuses on the process of building a single-player story, wit...

Interview: Talking pagans and Starhawk with Dylan Jobe

Jul 01
After its unveil in May and strong showing at E3, Starhawk is once again hiding within the walls of LightBox’s Austin office. Thankfully, LightBox’s office is only a block away from Austin’s lively bar scene...

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