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It seems like these are being pushed out more frequently now. The last stable update to Starbound came out about three months ago, but before that it had been nearly a year. That said, this update seems much less substantial than the last one. I think that's the goal: maintain a steady stream of content to keep people playing.

Browsing through the patch notes, I'm interested to see my new ship pets. Each race has a different type of pet, so it might even get me to start a character from each, even if I don't go far with all of them. The other big change is in how teleportation works. Instead of just being able to beam to the current planet and to a single home planet, the ship will now hold a list of bookmarked planets. Teleporters are more versatile, allowing players to go from any one teleporter to any other.

One last minor update is the slime cave biome. There have already been slime areas, but now the slime caves have some unique items and furniture associated with them.

April 21st – [STABLE] Update Notes [Starbound]

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