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StarCraft II
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StarCraft II

Twelve people have been arrested in Korea in relation to a match-fixing and illegal betting on StarCraft II, according to Team Liquid. A Korean eSports Association (KeSPA) statement names Park Wae-Sik, head coach of the professional StarCraft II team Prime and two of his players, Choi "YoDa" Byung Hyun and Choi "BBoongBBoong" Jong-Hyuk

At least five professional matches between January and June of this year were fixed. Brokers and go-betweens were also arrested, including a former pro and current eSports journalist. Park allegedly funneled roughly $4,450 to Choi Jong-Hyuk for him to take a dive, while Choi Byung Hyun received around $26,000 for losing two matches and then was blackmailed into losing two more.

The Korean eSports Association has already banned Park and YoDa for life and anyone else found guilty will receive the same treatment as, "the association's stance toward illegal betting will continue to be one of zero-compromise." Additionally the association may sue for damages.

Gerrard, YoDa, BBoongBBoong and nine others indicted in match-fixing scandal [Team Liquid]

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