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Star Citizen
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Star Citizen

As a casual observer of Star Citizen, I've struggled to keep up to date with the game's open development. It can be overwhelming. That's why I appreciate this recent video covering the damage model -- it's accessible. Blowing up spaceships? Yeah, cool, I'm right there with you.

The real fun starts at about a minute in when entire chunks of a ship are shot off Patchwork Heroes style. (Do you remember that game? It was a gem but like all too many PSP titles, it has become largely forgotten.) You can even watch the footage in 2160p if 1080p isn't enough.

Robert Space Industries wrote about this "newly optimized" destruction tech in a blog post. Great as it looks, there's work to be done. Lots more, in some cases: "Given the complexity of our largest ships, that are really like floating levels, big questions remain about hull breaches and how to portray critical damage in the vacuum of space and how this will affect players inside."

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