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Star Citizen
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Star Citizen

Star Citizen, the massively crowd-funded, ambitious space game, has seen a rough patch this year of missed release windows and a more recent lawsuit threats against a media outlet, but there's also a video game in development in them there hills.

The developer held its yearly fan event, CitizenCon, this weekend and announced its cast for the Squadron 42 module (that's the single-player, story bit). It includes some recognizable Hollywood talent: Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Hamill (Skywalker), Andy Serkis, Mark Strong, and more.

There's a bio for Oldman's character at the link, too. Seems like standard space stuff. Same with his "rousing" speech above, set to dramatic music, which just feels like a worn trope presented without further context.

Casting talented actors doesn't always translate to any sort of interesting story in video games, but I'm sure the effort is appreciated (especially nabbing space opera royalty in Luke Skywalker, though Hamill, an accomplished voice actor post-Star Wars, could end up sounding nothing like the famous character).

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