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Reviewed: 7/10: Good
( ps4 version reviewed )

Updated 12-17-2014
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I was under the assumption that Sportsfriends was on Steam already and had been for a long time, but it's not -- hardware issues have slowed the Windows/Mac/Linux release until now. The four-in-one local multiplayer game hits Steam and the Humble Store this Friday, with a catch: Windows players will miss out on one of the titles, Johann Sebastian Joust. What gives?

"[W]e've been working tirelessly on hardware-related issues, especially as it relates to getting PlayStation Move controllers working on home computers," says Die Gute Fabrik.

"Our trusty programmer Jonathan has spent most of his time since the PSN release ensuring that we can establish a stable connection between the Move controller and Mac/Linux hardware. As we described in our last update, JS Joust should be more robust than ever on both platforms. He also spent time researching Bluetooth issues that prevent the Move controller from reliably pairing to Windows machines. Unfortunately, it seems like Windows is engineered in a way that makes it infeasible for us to get pairing working robustly."

BaraBariBall, Super Pole Riders, and Hokra may not be as widely known, but they're nice too. So is this nugget of hope: "We're also still looking into creating a custom Linux 'JS Joust distro' that you can boot into from your Windows machine by USB stick. More on that later."

Rowdy Holidays! Sportsfriends comes to Steam & Humble this Friday! [Die Gute Fabrik]

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