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Soul Calibur 2 HD Online
/ ps3 / xbox360


Soulcalibur II HD is looking nice in new launch trailer

Looks just as good as it did... but better!
Nov 14
Namco Bandai is all set to release Soulcalibur II HD Online next week on current-gen digital storefronts Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, and has released a launch trailer as a subtle reminder that this is a th...

Nightmare vs Mitsurugi in SoulCalibur II HD Online

Round 1, buttonmash!
Oct 16
Here's a look at SoulCalibur II HD Online, courtesy of player favorites Nightmare and Mitsurugi. This new footage doesn't look very HD to me, but no matter. It'll be fun. We know that SoulCalibur II is fun, right. As usual, ...

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