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Sonic Generations
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Sonic Generations 'Unleashed' mod is a great idea

Total conversion mod ports Unleashed levels into better game
Mar 20
Sonic Unleashed had a lot of potential, and some individually terrific stages, but the overall project was a bit of a letdown. SEGA wouldn't perfect the 3D Sonic gameplay -- after so many attempts -- until Sonic Generations,...

Review: Sonic Generations (3DS)

Jan 04
Full disclosure: before playing Sonic Generations (3DS) for review, I had never finished a Sonic game. I bought all the collections and rented or bought used copies of all the Wii titles because I love the series in theory. S...

A good Sonic game, you guys! Oh my God!

Nov 04
What!?!? Sonic Generations is not total garbage!? We have to let the world know! Four out of five! Four out of five! Four out of five! Busted Pixel: Sonic Generations (A New Beginning) [YouTube]

Review: Sonic Generations

Oct 31
Sonic the Hedgehog has not had the most celebrated of careers. While his early games are regarded as iconic and influential, an amazing run of mostly bad games in latter years reduced SEGA's mascot to little more than an irre...

SEGA has 'no plans' to resurrect Classic Sonic for good

Oct 30
Despite making a huge deal out of "Classic" Sonic's appearance in next Tuesday's Sonic Generations, SEGA has stated there are no plans to bring him back full-time. However, European brand manager David Corless has told fans t...

Sonic Generations is the most pre-ordered Sonic game ever

Oct 28
SEGA has boasted that Sonic Generations is the most pre-ordered Sonic game in history, hinting at major anticipation for the upcoming anniversary celebration.  "Sonic Generations is the ultimate title to cap of...

This post has Sonic Generations screenshots in it

Oct 24
SEGA has kindly shared ten new PS3/360 Sonic Generations screenshots. They show off some more of Seaside Hill and I'm hoping the shots will look nicer once they've been reduced in size, since SEGA blew them up to hideous, pix...

Original Sonic game unlockable in Sonic Generations

Oct 23
At a recent Sonic Generations panel during Paris Games Week, Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka revealed that the original Sonic the Hedgehog will be available in the upcoming nostalgic platformer as a full unlockable game...

Sonic Generations 3DS dated, arriving November 22

Oct 20
SEGA has announced the North American release date for Sonic Generations on the 3DS. Arriving a little later than its console brother, the handheld version will drop on November 22.  Designed by Dimps and taking several ...

Sonic Generations getting a second demo October 25

Oct 17
SEGA has today announced that Sonic Generations will be getting a second demo on October 25. A while ago, a twenty-day demo was released for "Classic" Sonic's Green Hill Zone level. This time, Modern Sonic gets a turn an...

Sonic Generations brings the bosses in new trailer

Oct 14
SEGA, you know I love you, but perhaps one day you'll learn that less is more. The publisher always seems to produce a dozen trailers for every game it releases, revealing absolutely everything, and Sonic Generations is no e...

Here's what Sonic Generations looks like on PC

Oct 12
It's official -- Sonic Generations is coming to PC and will find a nice home on Steam, complete with cloud saving and 3D support. To celebrate, here are some screenshots of the game running on computers. I agree, they don't l...

Sonic Generations PC supports cloud saving, 3D, and more

Oct 11
Following the listing of Sonic Generations for PC by digital distribution outlets, Sega has finally made a formal announcement regarding the existence of this version. In addition to the aforementioned services, Direct2Drive ...

BARF: Silver the Hedgehog is in Sonic Generations

Oct 11
So far, I've enjoyed everything I've played of Sonic Generations, which has only made me suspicious. I was trying to work out what the "catch" was, and news from SEGA has finally revealed it ... Silver the c*nting Hedgehog is...

Sonic Generations confirmed for PC

Oct 10
Sonic the Hedgehog regularly prefers consoles to PC, but Sonic Generations has been rumored to hit computers for a while. Those rumors have been given a dose of confirmation thanks to Direct2Drive and Green Man Gaming, who ha...

Sonic Generations goes modern in new trailer

Oct 07
Ah, the "modern" era of Sonic, by far the most questionable era in all of history. This new trailer celebrates Sonic's more controversial outings, showcasing remade levels from Sonic Colors, Sonic Unleashed and the ill-fated...

Producer Takashi Iizuka has a nice long chat about Sonic

Oct 04
Since Sonic Generations was first announced back in April, the heartstrings of many fans have yet again been pulled one way or another, as they hope that Sega doesn't screw up yet another Sonic game. Even our very own Jim i...

Sonic Generations screens take to the highway

Oct 03
We've got a new bunch of Sonic Generations screens for you, both for the PS3/360 version and the 3DS version. On the home consoles, you can check out Speed Highway, whereas the 3DS version shows off Radical Highway. You know ...

Sonic Generations trailer goes Dreamcast on our asses

Sep 30
SEGA has released yet another trailer for Sonic Generations, this time detailing the "Dreamcast era" levels that will be available to play through as both Classic and Modern Sonic. That said, I am fairly certain Sonic Heroes...

Sonic fan goes completely crazy over Sonic Generations

Sep 30
Sonic fans are known for getting a little ... emotional ... at times, but one man appears to be going for the championship. SONIC1SONICHEDGEHOG is furious over the 3DS version of Sonic Generations, expressing his r...

Sonic Generations screens take a trip to Seaside Hill

Sep 21
Sonic Heroes is a game that I shuriken'd against a wall the very first day I bought it. I threw it so hard that it broke into two pieces and I am yet to feel a shred of regret. I mean, it only cost six quid, but even so, my c...

Tug your toss over these Sonic Generations 3DS screens

Sep 20
SEGA has kindly tossed up a bunch of Sonic Generations 3DS screens for your wretched judgment. A few of these made it into Hamza's hands-on impressions article, but there are a bunch of fresh ones too. The images all revolve ...

TGS: Quick hands-on with Sonic Generations on the 3DS

Sep 17
First things first: Sonic Generations is okay with the 3D on. Not the greatest, but doesn't hurt your eyes. As for gameplay, it's just like the big console versions. You run around and either you can do cool attacks with new...

New Sonic Generations out November 1, gets new screens

Sep 14
Sonic Generations has been confirmed for a November 1 release date, hoping to squeak out before the competition in a month packed ludicrously full of Triple-A titles. To celebrate, here's a humble offering of new screenshots....

Sonic Generations 3DS screens bring mushrooms, casinos

Sep 13
A humble batch of Sonic Generations 3DS screenshots have been released from the bowels of TGS, and they show off a little Casino Nights and Mushroom Hill (as found in Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles, respectively).  A p...

Sonic Generations' awesome European collector's edition

Sep 07
SEGA has revealed a Sonic Generations collector's edition, due to arrive exclusively in Europe. It's a pretty intense production, with some items that serious Sonic fans are going to love. Here's what the package contains: F...

I'm convinced: Sonic Generations is an elaborate trap!

Aug 30
If you ever want to find me at a trade show, your best bet to set up camp near the SEGA booth, as there's always a good chance I'll be swinging by. Like clockwork, my presence was felt at PAX this year, where I got further ha...

Sonic Generations to get two different soundtracks

Aug 25
[Update: I thought those CD prices were a little exorbitant! They are pre-order bonuses for the game, so the CD will come bundled with the software. That makes sense!] When it comes to guilty pleasures, jamming out to some of...

Sonic Generations trailer and screens run on rooftops

Aug 17
Despite having a rather lukewarm response to Sonic Unleashed, I must confess that I adored the game's Rooftop Run stage. It's one of the few "Modern" Sonic levels that I truly love, and I'm thrilled to see it in Sonic Genera...

Sonic Generations' Chemical Plant Zone in all its glory!

Aug 08
One of the greatest platforming levels of all time, Chemical Plant Zone, is set to appear in Sonic Generations, and the very first gameplay footage has been posted on the Internet for our viewing pleasure. It is not disappointing.  This footage gives us a look at both the "classic" and "modern" stages, complete with revamped music. It looks pretty damn fantastic ... I hope it plays as good.

Sonic Generations 'City Escape' screens

Aug 05
Here are a bunch of screenshots for Sonic Generations. Don't get too excited -- they're for the "City Escape" level which we already knew about. In fact, some of these screens aren't new at all (they're in the preview I just ...

Sonic Team: Old school Sonic fans hard to please

Aug 05
Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka has stated that Sonic the Hedgehog's older fans are a tough audience, and that trying to keep them happy while providing gameplay innovations has always been a problem. He's hoping Sonic Generat...

Sonic Generations gets new video, Chemical Plant pics!

Jul 20
SEGA has splooged some new Sonic Generations assets all over the Internet's face, consisting of a nostalgic trailer and high quality screens of Chemical Plant. Good show! Check out the video above and look at the pictures in the gallery below. Pretty simple instructions, right? So do it!

Your first look at Chemical Plant in Sonic Generations

Jul 14
Famitsu has revealed two stages for the upcoming Sonic Generations -- Chemical Plant and Stardust Speedway. A bunch of rather dirty scans have hit the 'net as well, so check those out for your first glimpse. Looking forward t...

Metal Sonic coming to Sonic Generations

Jul 13
SEGA has revealed that popular nemesis Metal Sonic will be a part of Sonic Generations, acting as a "rival" character. What's more, he's getting his classic look, as seen in Sonic CD.  Not much has been revealed about Me...

Sonic Generations City Escape trailer offers modern music

Jul 08
Here's a Japanese version of the Sonic Generations "City Escape" trailer. The most notable part of the video is the choice of music, as it shows off the new version of the stage's "Escape From The City" theme tune. This is t...

GameStop gives DLC with Sonic Generations

Jul 07
We spotted some nifty exclusive DLC at GameStop's pre-order page for Sonic Generations. Get this upcoming Sega game at GameStop and you'll get their pack that includes the Casino Night pinball stage, a Super Sonic costume (Xb...

Swallow these Sonic Generations 3DS screens! SWALLOW!

Jun 24
Here's a whole bunch of Sonic Generations 3DS screens for you to enjoy. You can print them out and glue them to your cat, or mix them up with some spaghetti to make your aunt's famous Sonicscreengetti. Your choice! The portab...

Sonic Generations demo up for twenty days only

Jun 23
In a quick update to yesterday's story, it would appear that the Sonic Generations demo will only be available to PSN and Xbox Live users for twenty days. It went live this morning (REMINDER: It's live on XBL. PSN updates its...

New Destructoid Episode: DLC, DNF, WWJD, GTFO

Jun 22
Hey gang, we've got another episode of The Destructoid Show dedicated to all the hard-hitting post-E3 news from the past couple days. That was a joke. There's a demo out for Duke Nukem Forever which hopefully has poop a...

Sonic Generations demo, Sonic Bundle arriving tomorrow

Jun 22
Tomorrow is Sonic the Hedgehog's 20th anniversary, and SEGA is celebrating by releasing a demo for Sonic Generations. You'll get to have a crack at a "classic" platforming Sonic level and a "modern" level, all in stunning 3D ...

Sonic the Hedgehog 20th anniversary figure looks classy

Jun 17
SEGA has revealed a commemorative 20th anniversary Sonic the Hedehog figurine. In keeping with the theme of Sonic Generations, the figure pays dual respect to both "classic" and "modern" Sonic, with the green-eyed version pos...

Sonic Generations 3DS will be completely side-scrolling

May 25
Sonic Generations was just confirmed for 3DS through the latest Nintendo Power, and now we have more details on the nature of the gameplay. Chief of 'em all is that both play styles -- Classic and Modern -- will be side-scoll...

Totally confirmed: Sonic Generations and Shinobi for 3DS

May 25
Don't believe the filthy lies! Rumors of Sonic Generations and a new Shinobi coming to the 3DS are totally unsubstantiated... oh? They're on the cover of Nintendo Power? Well... alrighty then. The upcoming issue puts rest to ...

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