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Shovel Knight
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Shovel Knight

Recently at an event called Gaming Insiders, Nathan Vella of Capybara Games shared some indie sales figures with us, in an effort to shine a light on the indie industry. Apparently, Shovel Knight sold best on PC, with 32% of the sales from the Steam platform. Additionally, 30% of the total sales came from 3DS, with 20% on Wii U. 14% of the audience was on PSN, and 4% on Xbox One.

That latter figure is a shame, as the Battletoads hub and boss fight makes it the best version of the game. Of course, you could always chalk some of it up to saturation, as the PSN and Xbox One versions came out months after the other editions were available -- so people who already wanted it probably bought it.

Additionally, Sword and Sworcery was played 50% on iOS, and Broken Age was 61% on PC. The rest of the report is well worth reading if you're into the indie scene.

Capy Games’ Nathan Vella shares surprising facts about the state of indie games [VentureBeat]

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