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Shootmania: Storm
/ pc


Preview: ShootMania Storm Beta 2 brings massive updates

New mechanics and revamped community tools
Dec 14
After a solid showing at IPL 5, Ubisoft invited us to see some of the new Storm Beta 2 updates to their eSports-centric title ShootMania. As it turns out, there's quite a bit that's going to be added under the hood with new mechanics to master, community-driven tournaments, and an entire title pack editor.

Feel free to pre-order Shootmania starting today

Jul 12
We just got word straight from Ubisoft today that Shootmania is now accepting pre-orders. If you're keen on being an early bird, you'll get 20% off the final price, as well as instant and full access to all beta events. The f...

E3: ShootMania Storm looks to be the next eSport

Jun 04
Ubisoft had a competitive match of ShootMania: Storm live during their press conference, pitting men against women. They were all videogame veterans in some way or another, but the presentation was incredibly hokey. ShootMani...

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