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Shifting World
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Shifting World

Fishing Cactus' puzzle platformer Shifting World is coming to the Nintendo 3DS with help from the folks at Aksys Games. You may have heard of the Flash-based web game Shift. Shifting World is based on that series, but takes it further with new art, a level editor, 3D functionality, and a level generator that uses the 3DS camera as a barcode scanner.

If you've never played Shift, it's a black-and-white sidescrolling platformer where you'll solve puzzles by changing the world from black and white to work around obstacles. Shifting World adds 3D to that, adding a new layer of depth with a 2D-to-3D toggle. There will be over 60 levels to shift though.

Shifting World is scheduled for a 2012 release on Nintendo 3DS. We have some new screenshots in our gallery below.

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