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Secret Ponchos
/ pc / ps4


Secret Ponchos is getting free and paid DLC this month

I'm still enjoying this
Feb 10
Secret Ponchos isn't a mind-blowing online shooter or anything, but it was available on the PS4 for free recently for Plus users, so odds are a lot of you already have it. If you haven't given it a shot yet, I'd suggest at le...

Review: Secret Ponchos

Slick twin-stick western
Dec 03
I'm loving how much easier it is to bring indie games to consoles this generation. With tons of nasty hold-ups like WiiWare sales thresholds, lengthy and expensive certification and patching processes, and a general negative ...

Secret Ponchos, an arena western, hits Steam Early Access

Go back to the Old West
Jun 17
Secret Ponchos may sound like a 90s summer vacation film starring Thora Birch, but it's actually a videogame that just hit Steam Early Access. Billed as a top-down arena shooter, you'll take control of a numbe...

Wild West PS4 multiplayer game Secret Ponchos also headed to PC

I do so love that name
Apr 09
Switchblade Monkeys' Secret Ponchos is no longer only coming to PlayStation 4 -- the spaghetti western multiplayer game is also on track for a PC release this year. You knew this was coming but, yes, the title will launch fir...

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