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Allow me to paint you a mental picture. You're a paid moderator for Runescape, an MMO that most people haven't thought about in almost a decade. You have great power, but also great responsibility. You one day grow bored of using your powers to patrol the land maintaining the peace and decide to switch from being a super hero to a maniacal villain. Obviously, your first choice of evil deed is to ruin the in-game economy with your magical mod powers.

BUT WAIT!?!?! Developer Jagex runs software that watches changes to the live game and manage to spot what you're doing and prevent your evil plan from being achieved. The result, you lose your job.

So yeah, that happened. Here's a statement from Jagex:

"It is with regret that we have some sad and unfortunate news to share with you. Today, Mod Reach was dismissed from employment at Jagex, following an investigation into serious misuse of moderator privileges. This was flagged to us by system checks which track and log code changes made to the live game. We were able to intercept the intended changes before anything could impact the game economy."

So, how would you have gone about totally abusing your moderator powers?

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