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Road Not Taken
/ pc / ps4 / PSVita


Review: Road Not Taken

You can throw children at fire and make them more obedient in this game
Aug 11
The term "roguelike" gets way too much airtime these days. If anything has permadeath, it's instantly a roguelike. If it takes place in a dungeon -- "roguelike!" But the original Rogue's core mechanical element was its grid-b...

Road Not Taken looks hauntingly awesome

I'm loving the art and musical style
Aug 31
Sony has debuted a new trailer for their "roguelike puzzle game" Road Not Taken, and I'm really digging the entire theme of the game. Developed by the studio Spry Fox, the game will apparently be hitting both the previously ...

There's something about roguelike puzzler Road Not Taken

Spry Fox's latest looks wonderful
May 14
Triple Town developer Spry Fox's new game is indeed inspired by the Robert Frost poem "The Road Not Taken." Aren't you glad we got that out of the way early? Described as a puzzle game blended with roguelike elements, Road N...

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