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River City Ransom: Underground
/ pc / ps4 / PSVita


River City Ransom: Underground funded

Double Dragon's Abobo is in the game
Oct 07
In its final days, the Kickstarter campaign for River City Ransom: Underground was funded. Despite sincere enthusiasm for the property and what looks to be a more-than-capable team handling development, I wasn't so sure this...

How to animate River City Ransom: Underground

Animation is hard!
Sep 29
During last week's live questions session on Podtoid, a bunch of you asked me to do a tutorial on how to make sprite artwork. What a bad idea! I'm flattered that people thought Constructoid and Runner looked OK, but if you w...

River City Ransom: Underground gets a piece of disaster

Sep 15
River City Ransom was a pioneer in so many ways. It was brought RPG-style leveling, attack acquisition, and item hunting to the cute co-op beat-'em-up genre nearly 20 years before Castle Crashers was released. It was also on...

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