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Risk of Rain
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Risk of Rain

From now until April 27, Steam is slapping a discount on a wide selection of roguelike games. You can get 20% to 80% off titles like Abyss Odyssey, Risk of Rain, Spelunky, FTL: Advanced Edition, and more. If you were ever curious about what it would be like to be crushed under the the cold indifferent weight of random chance, but were a little too thrifty to give it a try, now is your opportunity to stare into the abyss on the cheap.

At a measly $10, this would be a great time to get into The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth before the Afterbirth expansion comes out. I'm closing in on 200 hours worth of playtime clocked into Rebirth at this point with no signs of stopping. Now that I say that, I'm not sure if that is an endorsement or a warning. Either way, it seems like something you should know.

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