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Reviewed: 9.5/10: Superb
( ps4 version reviewed )

Updated 03-06-2015
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As a semi-jaded gamer, I typically despise the concept of DLC. Often times we are presented with content that either doesn't live up to the price or publishers push their content too early in a game's life. Resogun Defenders for the PlayStation 4 is the exact opposite of that.

Even if you're a casual fan of Resogun and haven't picked it up for some time (like me), at $4.99, Defenders gives you so much value and pleasure that you'll want to drop whatever AAA title you're currently stuck on and really get into this -- because there's a lot to get into.

After recently adding challenges and a photo mode for free, Resogun Defenders adds two new game modes -- Protector and Commando. Both are fantastic and make the game significantly better. I admit, I've never been terribly good at Resogun, but I always enjoyed it nonetheless. With these added modes combined with challenges, I now have a desire to delve deeper and get better.

In Protector mode, you race around the map trying to rescue as many humans as possible. The fun starts when you're suddenly flooded with humans and the panic overtakes your body. Gotta catch 'em all is pretty much your goal -- as impossible as it seems at times.

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