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Wolfire's cool, experimental FPS Receiver is free today

Redeemable on Steam via the Humble Store
Sep 15
Wolfire Games' Receiver is a first-person shooter unlike any other I've played. Instead of a quick button press to reload your gun, here, reloading is a much more realistic, multi-step process that requires effort on your par...

Realistic FPS Receiver is now available on Steam

'Become literate in how guns actually operate'
Apr 30
Receiver, a first-person shooter with mechanics grounded in reality, is finally available on Steam for super cheap. You can temporarily pick it up for $3.99, 20% off its original price of $4.99. If you already own Receiver&nb...

Review: Receiver

Reality reloaded
Apr 06
Realism in videogames is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to first-person shooters. Sure, regenerating health makes no sense, but it's still a pretty decent and cherished game mechanic when used properly. In fact, whe...

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