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Radiant Historia
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Atlus to print more copies of Radiant Historia

Feb 10
Atlus has announced that additional copies of its well-received DS RPG Radiant Historia will be printed due to fan support. Thank goodness for that! You see jokes about grabbing the company's games while you can and holding o...

Atlus testing the waters for Radiant Historia reprint

Feb 02
Radiant Historia may be a great game, but is it worth a hundred dollars? The market seems to think so. The price of a used copy has ballooned to upwards of $75 since the game went out of print, with new ones going f...

Review: Radiant Historia

Feb 02
Imagine that you did something really stupid yesterday. Maybe you farted in front of a beautiful girl on the train. She smiled at you when she first saw you, but your rank emission turned that smile to a frown, and all was lo...

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