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Quantum Break
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Quantum Break

Microsoft and Remedy are taking the exact same approach to E3 plans for Quantum Break that they took last year: Do absolutely nothing. The developer and publisher are opting out of the world's grandest stage in favor of the world's largest stage.

In this video celebrating the studio's 20th anniversary, Sam Lake explains around the 1:50 mark that gamescom 2015 will be the next time new Quantum Break footage will be shown. Lake also uses the word "demo" in the video, indicating that the game might be playable in some capacity. At the Cologne show last year, we got our first real look at Remedy's time-bending shooter, but it was in a hands-off presentation.

In the immediate short-term, that means that Quantum Break isn't something we'll learn more about next week in Los Angeles. Xbox head Phil Spencer recently said that Microsoft has just as much in store for gamescom as it does for E3. Sounds like we'll only get half of the story about Xbox going-ons at E3; we'll have to wait until the German convention for the other half.

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