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Project Zomboid
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Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid, the long-in-development zombie survival game, has taken another step towards release as developer Indie Stone has announced the game will be able to be purchased on Steam Early Access from Friday, November 8. This was already cleared through Greenlight, so it's really been a question of when the devs have been happy enough with their build to put it up for sale.

Project Zomboid has been available to buy direct from the devs for a while now but a problem with fixing the frame rate has held back a full release. In a blog post, the folks at Indie Stone explain how the frame rate will be locked to 30fps but there are options to raise it up depending on how well your PC handles the game.

After being burgled and losing a lot of the game, then having it heavily pirated, it's heartening to see that Project Zomboid is taking its final steps towards a full release. One thing to note on that blog post -- the price of the game will be going up on Friday, so take advantage of the 50 percent launch discount bofore it finally goes live on Steam and Desura.

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