Updated 04-16-2015
Xbox One
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Project Spark

That last trailer for Conker's arrival in Project Spark didn't go over so well. There was no getting around the disappointment of seeing a long abandoned (but never forgotten!) character return not in his own adventure, but in a DLC pack for a videogame about making games. Sad stuff.

With all that said, this video sits a little better with me. It's more informational and shows some of the "nearly 400 unique assets" (see the full details here) included in the Project Spark content pack. I mean, yeah, I could see someone making decent stuff with these building blocks.

When it hits on April 23 for $9.99, the Conker Mega Pack will include: Episode 1 of Conker's Big Reunion, the Conker Champion, the Conker Creation Pack, and Champions Quest E1: Void Storm.

I haven't even touched that Fast & Furious spinoff of Forza Horizon, much less tinkered with Project Spark, but if and when Conker fans make good use of these assets, I'll have to take a look.

Conker: Hail to the Remix [Project Spark]

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