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Project Spark
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Project Spark

Since Microsoft seemingly refuses to do anything in the way of a new fully-realized Conker, fans have to settle for whatever they can make in Project Spark. Given an asset pack to work with, a lot of these creators made fairly impressive-looking mini-games. None of them are likely to sate anyone's desire for a proper Conker release, but good on these fans anyway.

Predictably, a decent chunk of the content in this trailer falls under the category of "tributes and homages." That's why there's a giant singing turd that you can stare down. What other game would inspire fans to do that?

However, maybe the best idea comes from an Alien: Isolation remake that doesn't seem to quite capture the terrifying nature of the xenomorph, but has its heart in the right place, regardless. It's no Conker's Whack Off though, which could have been much more horrifying than it is.

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