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E3: Project P-100 puts the Clover back in Platinum

Jun 10
There were a couple of things that made the now-disbanded Clover Studio a special team. From God Hand to Viewtiful Joe to Okami, each of their games took a uniquely Japanese idea (apocalypse-the...

E3: Game & Wario is neither Game & Watch nor WarioWare

Jun 10
Along with Project P-100, one of the biggest surprises at the Nintendo booth at E3 was Game & Wario. I would have definitely been less disappointed with Nintendo's on-site press conference if the...

E3: Why wasn't P-100 shown during the Nintendo presser?

Jun 05
I don't get it, Nintendo. You claim you were dedicating an entire morning to Wii U games, yet you showed pretty much the same third-party sizzle reel as last year. The only new third-party game announced was Scibblenauts Rem...

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