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Pokemon Y
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Pokemon Y

UFC fighter and Olympic medalist Ronda Rousey is known for her punishment and breaking opponents' arms, and now you can add Pokémaster to that list. When asked what got her into Pokémon, Rousey went into a rant about the history of her Poké-antics stating she started with Pokémon Blue and has played most every game in the series since.

Rousey rattles off basically every Pokémon title from memory including "Pokémon X2 and Y2," which notably don't exist, though I think she was joking when she said it or was confusing them with Pokémon Black and White's sequels. "The only ones I didn't play were Pokémon Pinball and that bullshit." But she did get a "perfect score" in Pokémon Snap and felt bad for having to pummel Mew as he is her favorite. "I guess sometimes ya gotta hit a Pokémon."

So... Ronda Rousey for the next Pokémon as the fighting-type gym leader. Or is she more Elite Four material?

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